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First big round of Ukraine socks

First big round of Ukraine socks is mostly finished. The long (shiggy) socks are all spoken for, but I am still selling through the short crew socks (hit me up if you want to get some). My friend, Adele, even put out a Tik-tok video about the socks!

As a result, I am looking at making another round to be made and sold. If you are very keen, feel free to send me an email to get on the list, and let me know if you are wanting long or shorts socks.
– info@unclewigi.com

47 pairs sold, means I sent $690 to Doctors without Borders.

Ukraine Socks

I want to support Ukraine. Not sure I can do a whole lot more than make some damn good socks. update: First batch is mostly shipped out. But looking to make a 2nd batch order from the factory.

Socks are $15.00 per pair, includes shipping.
Proceeds go to Doctors without Borders.
2 kinds available: crew socks as shown, and knee-length/shiggy socks.
Socks are soft, durable, and machine washable.

Currently planning to sell socks directly through PayPal, and if there are a few extras, to sell on Shopify or other online sellers.
If anyone is interested in ordering a bulk number to sell on for further fundraising, please get in touch: info@unclewigi.com .