Awesome Fun Gimmie – Custom Trucker Caps

Custom trucker caps for the Gulf Coast H3
Custom trucker hats for the Gulf Coast RDR

For a red dress run, custom trucker caps made for a great gimmie. Just ask the Gulf Coast H3.

Although most caps I make are embroidered, like my iron front caps, embroidery can’t always get all the detail that printing can. So for adding a big logo/design, a trucker cap is a great choice.

Other gimmies for a red dress run:

  • sarongs can be a good idea, although most folk already have a dress to wear.
  • towels are good, but more useful for after the run
  • socks – always a good idea. Can do crew or long/shiggy.

I am happy to report that I have been able to help out the Gulf coast hash for a number of years. Previously, I made some running visors with bottle openers for the kennel.

After the event, I made sure to confirm that everything worked out, and received the following reply:

Absolutely, sir! Thank you. As usual, a very happy customer.

– happy habersasher

Ukraine Long Socks sent Down Under

A previous customer got in touch as there was a big event coming up for her kennel (running club) and she needed some good socks as part of a gift bag for all those that joined.
I was unable to fly down, unfortunately….

As she had seen pictures of my Ukrainian socks that I made (and then donate the proceeds to charity) – she thought it was a perfect match of:
1. getting great quality socks
2. sending a bit of money over to help those in an active war zone.

The blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag really come together, and create a great contrast. Heel and toe are blue to match the top of the sock. Ukrainian shield at the most obvious point of the sock.
– added message to Putin, easily covered when wearing shoes.

“YES they were delivered and allllll good – excellent quality so as Grand Mistress I kept a pair for myself 😜 Thank you so much for the extra goodies as well…I’m thinking them all being red wasn’t an accident and will go well at our RDR auction! I meant to email you and thank you but had to fly out of town for work and life got sideways so thank you very much for checking in! The kennel couldn’t be happier, especially with the speed of shipping so please know if it wasn’t a hassle on your end, we plan to be ordering from you again! “

– B.B. (Customer)

Happy to get such a nice review, and happy to make my donation to Doctors without Borders. I combined the sales of the socks to Australia along with some sales on my Ukraine crew socks on Etsy sales and was able to donate $1,020.

I can not say I have any direct connections with Ukraine, but I feel strongly about supporting the country against Putin’s aggression. I hope the situation can end soon and that Ukraine comes out stronger.

socks – soccer style

So I made up some socks, why not?  These are soccer style socks, so they are quite stretchy, and tight around the legs. They are long enough to go over most folk’s knees, so it most common to fold them over.

We got “DownDown” socks in Red and in Orange. We also have Sorry/Not Sorry in Yellow.

02-reor  02-sorry