Red Dress Run

A couple of items that can really add some flair, and some Amazing-ness to your next RDR:
Use the Amazon buttons to buy from Amazon, or get in touch with me about doing larger orders.


Bottle-Opener Visor, $12 each.
– A visor truly designed for those out in the sun, and needing a solid bottle opener…
– Solid metal bottle Opener + Dry-Fit material.


Red Down Down Socks, $9 each.
– Soccer style socks made for comfort and durability. Pull up to the knee, or fold over at top of calf.
– Elastic at the top, and around the feet for a better fit.


Sexy as Fuck Socks, $9 each
– A lighter softer sock
– Comes up over the calf
– corset on the back
– lip marks and heart on the sides.
– white stripes at the top



Red shorts are also available….. but those don’t really fit the theme of a “red dress”…..

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