Received a happy customer review, now I want to brag

A happy customer left a very nice review on my Etsy page and I want to share it. The reviewer received some of my socks as a gift, and came back to buy some of my Welsh socks. However, if you are not that interested in reading the whole review, it basically says:

  • socks are high quality
  • they are very comfortable
  • they don’t fade or disintegrate
  • the pictures match the description

The three socks that he is referring to are picture below. Welsh socks, Lion Rampant Scot Socks, and Scottish Thistle socks.
Etsy page here.

Honestly, it does not get old to get reviews like this. I am very happy that I remain a 5-star seller on Etsy.

Review in full:

In addition to 1) these Welsh flag socks, I also received: 2) the Scot socks and 3) the blue thistle socks previously as a gift; so I am reviewing all 3 items here.

It’s simple: they are all great, high quality products, and very comfortable to wear. This is more than I expected (I thought they would be like socks from that bubble place, which are thin and start to fade after a few washes). The instructions say to hand wash them, but I’ve washed them several times already in the machine on a HAND-WASH cycle. They are not fading, disintegrating, or anything. I’ll definitely be purchasing more from this seller!! The socks matched the pictures and descriptions, and I got them when I expected. If Etsy will let me, I’ll upload a few pixs.

– T. Customer

Another happy customer

And while I am here, I might as well add another customer’s review. It also refers to my Welsh socks:

5 out of 5 stars   

Excellent socks and even better customer service. They were shipped in error to a wrong address. Buyer made it right immediately and even sent an extra pair for free. My husband loves these socks and we’ll definitely shop this site again.

-A. Nother Customer

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