hash foot patch pack – 12 glow in the dark patches




These patches are:

  • quality made – they last!
  • glow in the dark
  • sew-on back (no glue on the back, makes it thinner and easier to sew to things
  • 4 inches wide – NOT small
  • 12 patches to the pack – great for sharing

Where to put a patch?

Traditionally, they go on happi coats, but they can be added to so much more. Glue it to a mug? Sew it to bowling shirt? Put it on a hat?
– although, I do have a mesh hat available that already has a hash foot, just smaller.

Personally, I like to keep a hash foot patch on my backpack. When I travel it can lead to meeting a random hasher. This helps for any hasher not on the H3 Airport meetup group on Facebook. Additionally, I put a couple patches on my everyday backpack. Yes, to meet random hashers, but also to differentiate my bag from other people’s bags.


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