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A warm, lightweight, comfortable beanie that keeps your head warm, and goes low over your ears to give greater protection from the elements. Machine washable.

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Soft “tech” material running beanie (toque) that has a silver reflective hash foot on the front and the back.
The hat is made to go low over the ears for more warmth when its cold outside.

Hat is machine washable and does not “bunch up” when running, walking, or drinking.

This hat is a great piece to keep in your bag even if you are not sure it will be cold. It is lightweight and bunches up small so that it is easy to put away in a bag “just in case.” It is light enough that you can also put it into a “go bag” to throw in your car and not worry about it.

The hash foot beanie is an easy piece of clothing to maintain, as you can sweat away in it on a long trail run and then throw it in to the washing machine.

Hash foot is on the front and back of the beanie so as to add a little bit of safety when outside at night. Although it can not take the place of a flashlight, and can not help you see further, it does make you a little more obvious out in the dark. So, maybe a little bit safer.

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