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Iron Front – antifascist hat, more great colors coming soon

The Iron Front antifascist caps have been selling great. They are also known as the three arrows hat – an old anti-fascist symbol created in Germany in the 1930’s. They are good baseball hats, so I am sure a good part of the reason is the quality. As some people see fascism continue to rise in the world, maybe more hats are sold as a reaction against that. I would like to believe that it is because more people become happy to display anti-fascism.

digital mockup 4 colors iron front antifascist caps
4 colors of the iron front cap

More antifascist colors to come:

Red and white have done well, and it is time to look at ordering more. As it is already September, it will be necessary to make sure that stocks are ready for the holiday season – unfortunately, I do not mean the Oktoberfest season. On top of making sure I have plenty of stock to sell through the turnover of the year, I am also looking at bringing in a couple of additional colors. I have been selling red embroidered and white embroidered caps. I am looking to add the color grey and green.

Check out the reviews –

5 star reviews from Etsy:

  • This hat rocks. Well made, well stitched, and showed up fast.
  • Great quality, speedy delivery! I LOVE this hat, thank you so much!!
  • Amazing quality, great color and vibrancy!

Places sold:

Personal use

Personally, I am a big fan of the cap. With the new colors coming in, it will probably be necessary to make a new video for Etsy. Videos are supposed to help show the fit of the hat. It also helps highlight the mesh backing. The mesh part helps keeps the head cooler on warm days. Also, the black bill is easier on the eyes. A darker brim doesn’t reflect as much light into the eyes.

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