Home for custom socks

Skull socks with orange and black stripes. Example for making custom socks.
Unique knee-high socks

Welcome to Uncle Wigi – a home base for those looking for getting their own custom socks, shiggy socks, customized microfiber towels, custom sew-on patches, and even sarongs and embroidered caps.

In-stock items are available through me, or if you prefer going through another platform, you can also purchase on:
Etsy shop here, where I am a 5-star seller.
or also through the Online Hab Bazaar here.

  • Looking to get some custom shiggy socks for your kennel or running club?
  • Like the idea of customized personal caps to walk around in?
  • Are you new to ordering custom socks or getting great event “freebies”?

Looking for custom socks?

Then you have made it to the right place! Go ahead and get in touch and let’s get started on getting your own unique gear.

I only sell stuff I can wear. If it doesn’t fit me or feel good to wear, I’m not going to sell it to someone else.”

Some pictures of items I have worked on:

My first instance of working on making custom socks was helping out a group I knew in Seoul, South Korea. A couple years later, I had started working with a new factory, and shipping out a lot of custom socks. Selling socks online also became a part of this side gig.


Everything coming out of Uncle Wigi is made to be used repeatedly, and to survive the washing machine. While many clubs and groups find whatever is the cheapest they can find, that does not mean it is worth wearing again after the event. The socks, towels, caps, and patches coming from here are all meant to last.


For those curious about being specific on colors- there is a color specialist on hand to make sure the socks are paired well with color preferences.