Great Scottish Socks Email Review

I received such a nice review for my socks, I thought it would be a good idea to share it for others to see, including a few pictures.

“My daughter got me your Scot Socks w/lion rampant for fathers day, and the order came with the Scot Thistle socks for free. What an awesome surprise–hope that wasn’t an accident. Both of these were excellent quality by the way–much better than RedBubble socks for instance. So I decided to buy more stuff in appreciation: the Cymru Socks just now to start with. I plan to buy more stuff from you, finances allowing. Very cool. Thank you very much.”
From a happy customer.

It is always nice to receive emails and messages like this. My gold and red Rampant Lion Socks were once the top selling Scottish socks on Amazon. The Thistle socks are some of my favorite to wear every day. I really like how the blue and grey colors go together.

Thistle crew (ankle) socks
Rampant Lion long socks

For more information:
The Rampant Lion Scot SocksEtsy link here – are based off the Rampant Lion Scottish flag: red rampant lion on a gold background. It was traditionally considered the flag of Scotland’s royalty, but it is also extremely common to see fly along with the saltire, the blue and white Scottish flag.

The Thistle SocksEtsy link here – are more closely related to the other flag of Scotland: the saltire. The flag is a white St. Andrew’s cross on a blue field. Instead, there is a thistle, a national symbol of Scotland.
– story goes that an early morning raid by foreigners was ruined when the barefoot barbarians stepped on some local thistles and called out in pain, and thus giving up their element of surprise.

If their is interest in either style of Scottish socks, they are are listed on my current available catalog, which is here.

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