Minimums – time and items

Q: How long does it take to get custom socks made?
A: Socks take about 2 weeks to make, and another week for shipping. It is best to start the whole process a full month in advance if you can. *Faster production is possible, but can be more expensive.

Q: What is the minimum order for getting customized towels or other stuff?
A: For socks, 20 pairs is generally the minimum. For custom patches, towels, caps, and other stuff, it is usually 50 pieces. Please note: if you are doing the minimum order, shipping costs will increase per unit. Sometimes buying more keeps the costs lower.


Q: Where can I buy your socks and caps?
A: My stuff is available on Etsy, on the Online Hab Bazaar, and here on this website. Also, because I sell many custom socks to different clubs and kennels, you may have bought my socks or stuff at a local event.

Q: Do you ship anywhere in the world?
A: Socks and all go international! Most things can ship most places, but get in touch if its a rather unique location. If it outside normal shipping, costs can change without warning. USA is the easiest to ship around, and doing APO mail boxes are also not an issue. I have also sent goods to Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

Q: Can we pay with a credit card, or only through PayPal?
A: Yes, most payments are done through PayPal. Credit cards can be accepted. Payment by Zelle is also a possibility.

Q: Are you able to do any graphic design?
A: Yes…. to a degree. It is recommended to work with someone you know well to get a good design and in a high-resolution format. Uncle Wigi/Clif has resources to get graphic design projects tweaked and change format of some designs. Please get in touch if you need something specific.

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