Hebe patches and sarongs

Was a pleasure to help out the Hebe H3 Kennel get some patches and sarongs sorted. Hope to visit again…. some day…..

Pride socks available now

Pride socks have reached the warehouse and ready to ship! Listings available on: – Etsy– H3 Hab Bazaar– and of course by messaging me to use PayPal. $14 includes shipping; get in touch about ordering in bulk or getting custom stuff done. These socks are long, soft, and as always, machine washable. They are quite … Continue reading Pride socks available now

Hasher sarong

A new addition to the line-up this year has been my sarong. I’ve done a number of custom orders: for Craft Head, and for the Pirates rugby team, but I also came out with a red one that has the hash foot spread throughout and “ON-ON” written repeatedly as the border. Was rather popular at … Continue reading Hasher sarong

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