Cymru – great Welsh flag crew socks for all day comfort

Iechyd da! (cheers in Welsh)
Welsh flag inspired socks – comfortable tough socks for all people/Cymry.

Welsh crew socks are on Etsy, here.

  • Crew length socks are made to fit adults, and made to be worn all day.
  • the socks are high-quality, and machine washable.
  • Elastic around the ankle and around the foot males for a better overall fit.
  • Socks have a red toe and heel.

The proud and ancient battle standard of the Wales is The Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch). It consists of a red dragon, passant (standing with one foot raised), on a green and white background. As with any ancient symbol, the appearance of the dragon has been adapted and changed over the years, and hence several different variations exist.
Source, Historic UK, here.

In case you are totally new to the subject, Wales is a part of the UK, along the west coast of Britain and across the water from Ireland. It is a mountainous area and proudly has its own language – Welsh.

My own history….

Fun fact: I actually tried to learn a little bit of Welsh when I was in Junior High School. Since then, I have remembered just enough to impress a few Welsh speakers I find in Seoul or in Hong Kong. Additionally, it is very fun to yell out “CHEERS!” in welsh when I see Welsh rugby fans out and about during the Hong Kong 7’s rugby tournament.

Why did I learn a little bit of welsh? I was told that my family comes from a small town in Wales. I believe the story goes that the 3rd son of a family ran off with the inn-keeper’s daughter and sailed to the USA.
– So not only did I make Welsh socks because I think it would be a fun unique item for a rather small number of people, but also because I might have a genealogical connection.

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