foot crew socks

Comfortable soft foot crew socks to wear all day

Foot crew socks are a great choice for everyday wear. If you have calves that you want to show off, you don’t have to hide them under knee length socks.

  • Prefer a short pair of socks for warmer days? These are great!
  • Want to mis-match 2 pairs of socks for a funky style? Here they are!
  • Desire to match with your trail buddy? Done!
  • Need something red for an upcoming red dress run*? Easy!
    * like the awesome New Orleans Red Dress Run….


foot crew socks wearing mismatched.
mismatched socks look awesome

Etsy sales page here.
Hab Bazaar page here.

Foot crew socks are mostly cotton, so will remain soft through their lifetime.

There is elastic around the ankle and around the arch of the foot. Makes for a better fit.

They are sold in matching pairs. I was told that NOT everyone wants to be living life out loud like I do….

Toe and heels are different colors. This is not seen when shoes are worn. Walking around without shoes gives a little extra color.

Also, the foot design is knit into the socks, so will not fade, or peel off.

And lastly, the foot is placed on the socks in such a way that they face forward. The toes of the sock match the direction of the wearer’s toes. Unless you did something weird when you put them on…. And then I would like to see a picture.


hops crew socks

I am not a small man, so I need socks for adults. I have been wearing a couple pairs of mine for a few months now. Yes, pretty much always mis-matched. As such, usually I put the black socks on my left foot. I usually do the same for my beer/hops socks (pic to the right).
Beer socks were made to have a hop cone at the ankle. I think it came out very nice. Additionally, I am a big fan of the black and yellow combo.

Matching accessories:
– Red / black mesh caps, here

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