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Have questions about getting some custom socks and towels? Looking to buy any of the socks that are already in stock? Need some socks for an upcoming Red Dress Run?

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Custom Socks

custom socks for Gerogia
Georgia Custom Socks

Or if you have your money, address, phone number and design ready, lets get your custom socks made!
Want to get a quote on customized microfiber towels?
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  • Want to get a quote for custom logo socks?
  • Want to check if your logo will work on socks, towels or patches?
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  • Do you need to check shipping costs for products going to Guam, or Austria?

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Additionally, many questions are already addressed. Check out the FAQs for common answers for common questions. However, as every order is important to you, Uncle Wigi will happily answer any questions you might have.

Also, if you are needing some tips on making chili (no beans!) that’s also an excuse to get in touch. Uncle Wigi/Clif takes great pride in his chili recipe. He won a competition, and also won the competition he organized. Now he dreams of revenge via chili. And yes, he believes that the spice level should be just below too hot to finish your bowl of red.


Uncle Wigi/Clif very much appreciates honest reviews. A large number of reviews of my socks can be found on my Uncle Wigi shop Etsy.