Glow in the dark perfect hash foot patches

Hash foot patches can be put on anything. And who doesn’t love getting a quality patch that also glows in the dark?!?

to purchase: on Hab Bazaar here – or – on Etsy here – or – here on this site

These patches are:

  • quality made – they last!
  • glow in the dark
  • sew-on back (no glue on the back, makes it thinner and easier to sew to things
  • 4 inches wide – NOT small
  • 12 patches to the pack – great for sharing

Where to put a patch?

Traditionally, they go on happi coats, but they can be added to so much more. Glue it to a mug? Sew it to bowling shirt? Put it on a hat?
– although, I do have a mesh hat available that already has a hash foot, just smaller.

Personally, I like to keep a hash foot patch on my backpack. When I travel it can lead to meeting a random hasher. This helps for any hasher not on the H3 Airport meetup group on Facebook. Additionally, I put a couple patches on my everyday backpack. Yes, to meet random hashers, but also to differentiate my bag from other people’s bags.

Received a happy customer review, now I want to brag

A happy customer left a very nice review on my Etsy page and I want to share it. The reviewer received some of my socks as a gift, and came back to buy some of my Welsh socks. However, if you are not that interested in reading the whole review, it basically says:

  • socks are high quality
  • they are very comfortable
  • they don’t fade or disintegrate
  • the pictures match the description

The three socks that he is referring to are picture below. Welsh socks, Lion Rampant Scot Socks, and Scottish Thistle socks.
Etsy page here.

Honestly, it does not get old to get reviews like this. I am very happy that I remain a 5-star seller on Etsy.

Review in full:

In addition to 1) these Welsh flag socks, I also received: 2) the Scot socks and 3) the blue thistle socks previously as a gift; so I am reviewing all 3 items here.

It’s simple: they are all great, high quality products, and very comfortable to wear. This is more than I expected (I thought they would be like socks from that bubble place, which are thin and start to fade after a few washes). The instructions say to hand wash them, but I’ve washed them several times already in the machine on a HAND-WASH cycle. They are not fading, disintegrating, or anything. I’ll definitely be purchasing more from this seller!! The socks matched the pictures and descriptions, and I got them when I expected. If Etsy will let me, I’ll upload a few pixs.

– T. Customer

Another happy customer

And while I am here, I might as well add another customer’s review. It also refers to my Welsh socks:

5 out of 5 stars   

Excellent socks and even better customer service. They were shipped in error to a wrong address. Buyer made it right immediately and even sent an extra pair for free. My husband loves these socks and we’ll definitely shop this site again.

-A. Nother Customer

Iron Front embroidery logo Trucker Caps

The Iron Front symbol (sometimes referred to as the Three Arrows) is logo which was used in the 1930s as part of a movement against Nazism.

The symbol itself is three arrows pointing south-westerly (down and to the left) enclosed in a circle, though the circle is not wholly necessary.

In the original imagery, the three arrows were symbolically opposed to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, Ernst Thalmann’s Communist Party and the conservative politics of Franz von Papen.

First used by social democrats in Germany, the symbol soon spread across the world and has become a familiar banner for anti-fascist organisations, such as the ‘Antifa’ network.

Iron Front Caps are sold on Etsy, here.

Embroidered Iron Front caps
  • Hats are solid black
  • Iron front logos are embroidered
  • Mesh backing
  • Adjustable back
  • a fan favorite

This has become a one of my favorite items I sell. Personally, I really enjoy wearing the red embroidered cap on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, the logo on the hat is embroidered. Embroidered logos are more durable that a hat made with a printed logo. I am very proud of the quality of the hats, and have even put them through the washing machine.

Another thing to point out – as the brim of the hat is solid black. So it is easier on the eyes. Hats that have a white brim will feel ‘brighter’ to the eyes, and so may not be as effective when using a cap to protect from the sun.

A little extra history:

I have read that the logo was created so that it could also be painted over a swastika.

Towels – AGAIN!

multi-markiupDue to popular demand, the microfiber multi-marks towel are BACK!!! Taking orders now. Factory has already been given instruction to begin production, so hopefully you will get the towels well before the end of August. 

We’re doing just the 1 towel this time, the big multi-marks towel. Beach towel size, 27 inches by 55 inches. They are lightweight, machine washable, and folds down small.

You have 3 ways to make your order, as you prefer. 1, order through the H3 Online Hab bazaar, which many folk already have accounts in. 2, use the ordering system on this page. I recently made that possible, so I hope it works. (please be patient if it is not working correctly I am not a pro website designer). 3, send me an email, and some money via PayPal.  Its all your choice!

Options to order:
1. Order through H3 Online Hab Bazaar, here.
2. Order on this website, via catalog here.
3. Send an email to,  you can send PayPal money to

Pricing, includes shipping (in USA):
$15 per towel
+ get in touch  if you want to make a multiple towel order ($12.50 each), or add some socks to the order ($9). 

Designed by: Rimjob Ringleader the Greatest hoe on Earth, hash holler at her for Custom patch designs. Via
Produced by: C3PeeHoles. He makes the stuff on this webpage. Shorts, lanyards, socks, patches, visors: catalog here.

– microfiber material
– washing machine safe
– Beach towel size:  27in x 55in; (70cm x 140cm) 


TX socks

Now with a free patch!!!
TEXAS Socks for Men and Women

• Made from high-quality materials
• Knitted design for long-lasting durability
• Elastic arch support
• One size fits most
• Soft and comfortable all day long

These are the ultimate socks for you! A pair of these socks is your first line of defense for dry, comfortable and blister-free feet. Not only it is super comfortable but it is also stretchy and one size fits most adults. Our Texas design with Texas flag , barbed wire, yellow rose, and lone stars that is perfect for any costume parties and great for any fashion styles.

The compression hugs feet and keeps socks in place. These socks are also great for sports, athletic activities, and daily use.

Unique, funny and comfortable, your feet will surely love them. Keep your feet happy with Wigi’s Texas socks for Men and Women!

New Shamrock socks in!

I have a few pairs of my new Shamrock socks in!!

these are super comfy and now I need to send some in to Amazon!

If looking for buying a number of your own, let me know.


Out of stock, but soon:
Black Shamrock Amazon listing.  Green Shamrock Amazon listing.

other green socks:

Amazon learning curve…..

Been a bit behind schedule, but I’ve been trying to clean up the website, and get a better handle on the Amazon stuff.

I had to cancel an order today because the buyer wanted 2nd day delivery. I didn’t know that was an option for someone to click on when buying my socks. I don’t think it is possible to get socks to the USA from where I am in 2 days. I was thinking I would be able to send a message to the buyer “Hey sorry, I had to cancel the order because there’s no way to get the socks to you so fast. If you are not in such a rush, I would be happy to send them out to you.”

Instead, I hit “cancel order” and there was no way to let me message the buyer. Crap. Well, hope they try again.


Online Hab Bazaar

A friend of mine set up an online market place for Haberdash, and already I’ve seen a jump in sales! SO I’m rather excited to be able to help get the word out on the new site:
Haberdashers WorldWide: online bazaar

I think I have most of my stuff posted on the site, but I certainly need to go through it.



Been busy….

It has been a very busy summer. I’ve got some new products already in, and evven already listed on Amazon:
new socks Amazon link here.

But for now, the big news is that I’ve finally put in the application for registering gthe company name: Wigi.
– fingers crossed its accepted.