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Link to Facebook….

I recently revamped this website. Although I am quite happy how it looks, I am slowly finding the few things that need to be added.

Especially adding a Facebook link

It doesn’t help that it’s 3:30am in China, and I should probably be in bed…

Up on Etsy

OK, next on the list for places to put my socks up to get noticed: Etsy.  Yup, in my plans to bring sock happiness to as many people as possible, I have a shop on Etsy. I also have my shorts up there as well.

Click here and check out the site.

I am hoping that as the weather cools down, that there will be more of a demand for my socks. And maybe by the time the holidays roll around, they will come across as a great present for folk.

Of course, if there are any local sports teams or fundraisers that need some help with making socks, or getting something special made up, I hope to be able to help them, too.