I woke up to great news, the custom Southside H3 socks made it to Seoul, South Korea! And I was told that the shipment came in time for the celebrated Muido (a little island off the mainland) weekend.  In case you really want a pair, please contact them, as it was a custom order, so they have all socks.

I had some great times with that kennel, and even made a few friends, I like to think. Glad to help them get some good shiggy socks. They will definitely come to good use!



socks in the buff

Ya know, even when you join a naked run through the woods, its still important to wear the right stuff.

On trails, you need to make sure you have good shoes, and also some good socks if you want a little protection from the grass and weeds.

and a great choice of socks for a naked run are my sexy red socks.


Texas field tests…


I am currently in Texas, and happy to say that my socks are holding up so very well! Especially through the tall grass and warm water ravines.

Definitely need a good shower afterward, though.

Tex sox

My Texas socks are in!! I am quite proud of them, and I am sure you will love them too! 13240147_657076611097107_5630436421273542760_n

Sexy Socks

Uncle Wigi wants to make sure you strut your stuff right.IMG_1172 He’s got some socks for ya.

$9 for one pair; $7 per pair if you order 3 or more pairs.

Shipping from Hong Kong is included in the price. Send us an email, and payment through Paypal works best.


socks – soccer style

So I made up some socks, why not?  These are soccer style socks, so they are quite stretchy, and tight around the legs. They are long enough to go over most folk’s knees, so it most common to fold them over.

We got “DownDown” socks in Red and in Orange. We also have Sorry/Not Sorry in Yellow.

02-reor  02-sorry