Uncle Wigi is a 1-man operation, currently. 

  • Attending all sorts of running events and festivals, I was disappointed that some socks would wear out so quickly, or I just couldn’t find socks that made me proud to wear them and give them to my friends. And most shirts didn’t fit my shoulders very well….
  • I take pride in knowing my socks, and other custom sportswear, are loved by those that get to try them on. I hope to help everyone get some good, FUN, and comfortable athletic wear. ON ON!

Contact me: info@unclewigi.com

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  1. Uncle Wigi, does your factory make any Hash Kilts? You play Bagpipes….so I hope you might know a place that sells Kilts at a reasonable price?

    1. I’m actually working on a custom order now. I sent you an email to chat further.

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